Repetier Server on Pi 3+ can not correctly calculate print time

Hi all,

I'm printing on an XYZ Da Vinci 1.0 running repetier being controlled by repetier server on my Pi 3+. I have an issue that when I upload projects to my server (I export the Gcode from repetier host and upload that to the server to minimise processing requirements and to ensure I'm happy with the settings), the print time is overly exaggerated. For example, I am currently printing a case for my Pi3 in order to mount it neatly and in Rrepetier host slicer, it tells me that the print is going to take 1hr and 10 minutes. When I then upload it to the server, it tells me it will be a 70hr print (it then proceeds to print in 1hr and 10 minutes).

Worth noting that when the printer is connected directly to Repetier host on my laptop that it shows the correct print time remaining.


  • I hope the photos make it easier to understand the issue!

  • Please check maximum xy speed in server settings. There is a bug in autodetection with repetier firmware that sets this to 1 or 2mm/s causing very high times. Set them to the real maximum values and times will drop massively. Will be fixed in 1.0.4
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