do you have any roadmap about features or releases of new version .




  • No. It would not work as many new features are from user wishes and detected problems in special conditions. You can not make a map for that. Next big feature planned is slicer integration. And next release gets gpio support for raspberry/linux. 
    Of course we have a list of things internally we want to add, but we decide after a feature is completed what to do next.
  • Ok, I was hopping that we can have a kanban or something like that to follow product update.

    You could use projects feature on github for doing this.

    Because I saw on a lot of topics, you speak about version 1.0.4 but we don't have any ETA or list of new features that could be added.

    Anyway, i like this product and I'm using it every day. Thanks a lot for this great product.

  • You always read much about next release here. Just because I fix problems reported here so they will work in next release. That is what I meant when I said I have no complete map. 
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