Old Autolevel reset

Hi! I have a suspicion with the calibration of my Delta Rostock Max V1! Unfortunately, despite the very precise calibrations, I am unable to obtain a compliant surface even with G33, I add that the variations of the plane do not know constant in the error towards the outside of the circular plane as on the horizontal plane, but in patches! As if it were in a grid of multiple variations that I seem to remember and bring back to the manual calibrations made with matter Control at the time. Now, I tried to reset with M322 S2 and G33 R0 but despite this nothing changes and therefore I suspect a complete reset is needed, so is there another command to reset a hypothetical old autolevel in the eeprom?


  • That is already a complete reset of autoleveling. Only thing left are possible geometry corrections you have entered for horizontal/diagonal/angles/end stop offsets.

    Best is to use the escher delta wizard with 6 parameter to calibrate geometry settings. That normally reduces a lot of the geometrical errors so autolevel is nearly zero and G33 distortion correction also gets minimal.
  • Thanks for the answer, unfortunately despite a perfect three-point calibration with respective horizontal radius and eshel calibration I can't get a perfect or close plane. It is amazing how in the middle sector it is lower than the central sector and external sector as if there was a bump. So if, despite this, I can't get a planar plane with G33, it is necessarily damage to the machine / motors or who knows what else. If resetting all the automatic calibration matrix I'm not solving, I think if I don't solve it soon I should give up and dismantle the machine and convert it to a CoreXY or Cartesian.
  • I add the last reading of the plan with the eschel correction reaching a 0.06 plan correction. Despite all this, the print is not compliant on the first layer and at certain heights that seem to lead to the 80mm step of the motors the shifta print on XY. I am very tired and I think I will give up to switch or change to something simpler than a delta after 8 years

  • Which firmware version are you running the delta with? I would use 1.0.5dv which has all known autoleveling bugs fixed. It now even contains support for the motion sensor used as z endstop.
    Shifts in xy should not happen - make sure to not come to much to outside. Here motors start needing higher speeds and acceleration and can more easily loose steps.
    Can't say much to the results. It al depends on how close your start parameter were with the real geometry of printer so any geometrically error causes errors in some xy positions be more or less prominent.
    But you are right - delta is a model that has the big problem on nonlinearity making everything quite complicated.
  • Yes, firmware 1.0.4 is great! I love it compared to the old custom version of SeeMeCNC, it gives me errors, info and it is intuitive through the builder to pull it up. Now since the other time you recommended it to me I will evaluate the dev of 1.0.5 and I will do it. first, however, I will increase the voltage of the motors from 55% to 100%, at this point this problem is definitely a matter of motors. I noticed that just approaching the 80 step causes this problem. By exclusion, I believe this is the solution. Returning to the autolevel, I'll do as you say.
  • Watch out for driver temperature. If it gets too hot it will disconnect motors and also loose steps. Also if current gets too high motors will vibrate when standing still.
  • Thanks! I will check!  :)
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