I bought the repetier server but my pi stopped reacting during a print (in a middle of it), it appear that the sdcard is not working anymore .... I tried to create a new img of repetier server on a new 128Go sdcard but now the pi doesnt start, I just got no signal on the HDMI touch screen .... 
whats happening ?
how can I get debug log on the card about what append at boot ? that I would read in my pc ...


  • Connect it to ethernet cable so it gets an ip automatically and login via ssh.
    will show all messages since boot start. Also /var/log/syslog contains many log data from software. Then you also know that pi is still working if this wasn't clear.
    Some hdmi screen have no chip telling the correct settings and need to have them set explicitly in /boot/config.txt - is your display one of those?
  • The set up was working fine for weeks ... I am wondering if the pi is not dead (but the led power on) ....will try the Ethernet cable ... Thanks
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