Timeout Push Notifications

When using a PRUSA MMU2S there are times when there is a filament problem, the head parks and the temperature on the hot end is turned off. The idea being that the printer sits idle until the problem is fixed.

With a filament sensor on my other printers, they stop and wait.

Hence it would be very useful if after "x" minutes of not sending any GCODE to a printer (or watching the active temperature for example), a push notification could be sent out.



  • I see what you mean. Prusa correctly sends busy state just like during autoleveling and homing so we get no timeouts here. So what we could add is a send busy for more then x minutes where x should be larger then longest operation you normally have. Will see how to do that.
  • That would be fantastic if possible. If you need a beta tester I’d be happy to help.

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