Am I able to give my printers a static IP/designation via Repetier?

Hello again...

I've got 2x Ender 5 Plus plugged into my server, and when I turn off the machines, or reboot the router, my printer designations switch... IE: I've named them in the server list, but upon power off, the switch. 

Is there a way that I can lock the printer to it's IP/USB designation so that they don't constantly swap?


  • Yes, more or less all routers can do so. Every device has a mac address. You see them in home screen of server for example. In router go to dhcp section and tell router to always assign same ip to that mac, then it stays the same across reboots of computer and router from there on.

    It is also possible to directly set ip but you need to choose one from allowed range not controlled by dhcp to prevent conflicts and set mask, gateway and dns server. So first solution is much easier normally.
  • Thanks @Repetier - But my router only see's the Repetier server and in the server, the printer designations switch after a power down or reboot. So is there a way to have the Repetier server keep my prints consistent, even after reboots and powerdowns? 

    My USBs in the Pi never change, always in the same slots, so am wondering why they change every so often
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