Started getting Connection Lost messages constantly

Have been running v92.3 on Linux server for ages and just recently we started getting the connection lost pop up on the windows browser (tried many) and on the Linux desktop locally. It flashes so fast like it goes away and comes back and repeats that you cannot do anything. I see the status screen changing so it is getting data. I removed and installed the latest server and it is doing the same thing. Any clues? The server log just shows client connection dropped.


  • Did you already try to upgrade. A known problem is when server starts sending non UTF-8 chars to websocket. That causes the same description. Already for a while I haven't seen this happen assuming I have now covered all sources where this might come from. In case it happens with 1.0.3 still do you remember having added a file before with strange file name? Main sources are normally file names and printer output. But printer output is now filtered and filenames hopefully as well. So last resort would be a defect file. A simple test would be to rename /var/lib/Repetier-Server when server is down so it creates a new one. Then it should work. You can then stop server and copy back database and restart and then continue with printer configs and content and so on. At some point you get the error back and know it is one of the files you added.
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