Server 1.0.3 - Wildly inaccurate ETA calculations

I've just set up a Repetier Server 1.03 Pro instance on an Orange Pi LTS, using the latest Armbian build.

I have loaded up some small gcodes which should each take well less than an hour, but the server is reporting that they expect to take 22-29 hours (!)

The server has all been set with default, with it querying the printer for all the settings. The printer itself is running Repetier 1.0.3 firmware, so this should be the most vanilla of all setups I can think of.


  • OK now I've just posted something, I think I know what the problem is. For some reason the auto setup reported the max XY speed and max Z speed for print time calculation as 1 mm/sec - and not the 250 (for XY) and 4 (for Z) that was actually set in configuration.h.

    Repeating the "autodetect values from firmware" button sets them both back to 1.
  • Yes, max speed 1mm/sec is quite slow and causes high times. Can you post the console output when you run autodetect (just open in another window). Would like to know if the reported values are garbage or if the format has changed or whatever makes it detect 1. It is that output we parse to get the speeds and accelerations.

    What firmware and version are you using on the printer?

  • same thing for me. using repetier-firmware dev v1
  • Ok found it. The repetier.xml has new entries to get speeds also for deltas. These also match Extr.2 Fax feedrate taking the 2 as speed. Have fixed it for 1.0.4 to only match the delta feedrate.
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