Fire safety

We are concerned about the fire safety of our printers room.
Can Repetier-server reply on an overheating accident (extruder temperature is higher than 400 etc.)?
We want to install a relay which can turn off the power of all printers by server's request.
Is it possible to realize?

Thank you.


  • It is possible with some hacking and programming skills. There is no overtemperature function present. That is something firmware already does (or could if configured to do). Modern firmwares have decoupling tests that are even better then this and disable all heaters when planned and measured temperature deviate too much. Think of loosing the sensor from exruder so it measures only 25°C but heater is full power. In your case you would never see except if firmware tells you about this.

    So first step would be to make sure firmware has such a setting and test what message you get. In server configuration you can add tests for any output you want. So when you see firmware send this "error" you can run a script defined in extcommands.xml that can pretty much do whatever you want. Or if you have remote controlled plugs you could just disable it if you know what url to call for this. Many have IFTTT support and we have a faq that shows how to control a plug with ifttt from server. So that is also a solution.

    You can also run scripts on the pi that has some sensors e.g. smoke and trigger some actions.

    You can also write some lua scripts that monitor firmware output so you can compare temperatures and trigger actions, but as said decouple test in firmware is more reliable for this purpose. And also some firmwares might not return 400°C - if tables for sensor stop earlier than max. reported temeprature also differs.
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