Use USB stick as main memory

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can you somehow use the usb stick as a standard gcode storage?
possibly about to mount?
because i don't want to have all the files on the sd card and want to see the files via a preview.
USB sticks are cheaper and last longer.
or is usb 2.0 too slow?

or is there a config file where you can change that?


  • We have no usb stick support in firmware. usb  2 is fast enough. You are talking about the firmware right? Not repetier-server.
  • I'm talking about repetier (pi) server. did I put it in the wrong category?
  • Yes, you posted in firmware:-)

    Well for server that is no problem. We automount all usb sticks. With latest image up to 3. Problem might be order of mount so you might want to write a dedicated mount in /etc/fstab that is bound to stick id. Then it is also there when server starts, so guess better do that.

    All data is stored in /var/lib/Repetier-Server - you can make that folder a link to the usb stick then everything including printer config, timelapse, logs etc. gets stored on usb stick or you decide to do so only for special folders mapping to folders on usb stick. Just stop repetier before doing so. You can then copy the folder to usb and rename it and link the old name.
  • Oh forgot - we use move to copy files and that would not work accross devices. You need to map the complete Repetier-Server folder for that reason. Good thing is you have a full backup on it then and can easily update images. Just replace link and put usb stick in and image would be on last version.
  • i want to save the two folders / files on the usb stick. is that possible or not?
    I would like to stop repetier server on the sd card, only the print files and the timelapse not.


    otherwise this would be a suggestion for an update that can be made customizable (which memory should be used by default)
  • models folder has the move problem. You can not upload any models if not on same device. At least I think it is still valid since it moves the file. Timelapse could stay os sd card if you render locally. Otherwise the move problem again prevents this. But as said best is to have complete folder on usb stick then. That is known to work. Format it as ext4 so your linux file handling is uninterrupted.

    There is a config option that tells where the folder is, but it is only for the complete part so same as the link solution and it is a xml file in the installation/etc folder. 
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