Repetier Server Connection to Cura 4.8


I m trying to connect my Repetier server to Cura 4.8. I have taken a look at the repository and notice that the latest version there is 4.7... I have used the master branch and copied to the plugin folder

Following a restart of Cura, if I select the printer I wish to connect I see the "Connect Repetier" button. I complete the required input:

Rpetier Server Name
Correct IP address
Add my Repetier server ID and password

When selecting the "Get Printers" button, I can see the printer I wish to attach, and press OK

From here I select the created server link and enter the API key from my server, and this gives me the following error:

"Repetier printer name hasn't been selected, please edit and click get printers and choose the correct name from the drop down list"

I cannot go any further. Selecting the "Open in browser" button does take me to the printer though my web browser, but the "Connect" option is greyed out

Thanks for your support


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