software on off switch status detection

it would be possible that repetier server recognizes whether the printer is connected and then that with the power on / off buton it says what it does when you click on it.

I either have to wait half an hour for my configuration or click twice on the buton.
i switch the printer on via two relays (lerdge relay and one more for the pi), and off via M81


  • There is no way to know the state at startup, firmware just does not tell state. So we just assume a state and toggle on every switch so sending M80 and M81. You could add one of them in connection event to know the state on connection. You can also make custom button on and off that explicitly sends the commands to enable or disable that you know after first click the state.
  • but repetier server recognizes automatically when my printer has been switched on (external or internal it recognizes both) when the connection is gone / back. you could use that. e.g. it also works with octoprint psu control plugin (only the pressure there causes problems with the lerdge board. that's why I switched to repetier)
  • Most boards get powered by usb so they already appear even if main power is not present. On printers not working that way it would be a way to know the state. Will assume on for next release for this reason as default for next release.
  • If you agree, most boards can use a jumper to control the power input USB or the main power input. the lerdge board needs e.g. 5v at the USB socket. I didn't use the 5v from the Pi, but from the board with an extra cable. (makes less problems)
  • Yes some boards have such a switch. That is why I changed default for next update. I personally find it better if it is main powered. Less stress for pis power supply and you see if it is on. On the other side that way M80/M81 won't work since the firmware is not running without power or it would be seen by server.
  • M81 works for me. M80 does not exist at lerdge. maybe it would be good for others if they could use a relay instead of Gcode there. I switch my printer on with a relay via a script (active for 2 seconds and then off again) and off via M81
  • So many possibilities - that is why we have extcommands.xml to allow external additions to solve such stuff:-)
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