Repetier server instalation problem on RPI zero

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Hello, I downloaded img of repetier server and installed it on sdcard on rpi zero, but after I run it, it boot to raspbian, but repetier dont start. When I try to run it manualy, it write error: repetier server failed with status signal. Where can be problem? Thank you. Klimš.


  • The regular image has the armhf version that works on pi >= 2. Pi 0 and 1 need the armel version. This is also on the image and should be replaced on first boot of sd card (which will then be delayed by a minute or so).

    You can also login over ssh and run
    which installs the latest version for the current pi version. But then you need internet connection e.g. over usb cable. But the armel version is already on sd card.
    sudo dpkg -i /usr/local/Repetier-Setup/server/server-arm-el.deb

    would install it even without internet connection.
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