pressure chamber sensor

hello people i have a question. I connected a dht11 sensor via an ESP8266. can I somehow tap this and use it as a pressure chamber temperature sensor?


  • Assuming you run linux then under /var/lib/Repetier-Server/scripts is a script named hardware_info - it reports several os values to server. You can extend it to read the pressure and output it there. This would then appear in the bolt icon menu. But there is nothing you can do with it - it is just informational.
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    That sounds great. How can I now integrate a dht11 temperature sensor into this file in the file so that the pressure chamber temperature already specified is also specified !?
    if the answer i can get with:
    answer is:

    • "StatusSNS": {
      • "Time": "2021-02-10T00:37:50",
      • "DHT11": {
        • "Temperature": null,
        • "Humidity": null,
        • "DewPoint": null
      • "TempUnit": "C"

    I want to read out this sensor
    "Temperature": null,

    null is only show because sensor is not connected

  • I guess you should use curl to get answer, store it in a variable and then use grep or awk to filter the value form the answer and then echo it in the script in same format. Here some description to adjust icons:

    tests for $database/scripts/hardware_info rsp. hardware_info.bat/.exe

    Return format is a tab separated List of data to return:

    1. Name shown

    2. Msg type: 0 = text, 1 = int value, 2 = 1 digit info, 3 = 2 digit info, 10 = splitter, 11 = Block Headline

    3. unit

    4. Value/Text

    5. Urgency: 0 = hidden, 1 = message, 2 = warning, 3 = error

    6. Icon

    7. URL for detailed description or empty

    object HardwareInfo {

      name: string,

      msgType: number,

      unit: string,

      text: string,

      value: number

      urgency: number,

      icon: number,

      url: string


    List of icons:

    0: None

    1: Bolt

    2: Temperature

    3: exclamation-triangle

    4: Battery

    5: Bug

    6: Plug

    7: Usb logo

    8: Camera

    9: Tasks

    10: Bell

    11: Bluetooth

    12: Square

    13: Checked Square

    14: HDD

    15: Hourglass

    16: wifi

    17: Microchip

    18: Clock

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