Issue with LCD screen

Hi guys,
but i am not able to make it work. Any suggestion?


  • Link doe snot work.

    In general follow installation instructions of the display manufacturer.
    Typical problems and solutions are described here:
  • As the description already says you need to change /boot/config.txt to have these parameter:
    2). Öffnen die config.txt datei in die wurzel verzeichnis von sd-karte, fügen sie die folgenden code am ende der datei, sparen sie es und sicher stoßen die sd-karte.
    Code für 1024*600 7 zoll toucscreen:
    Max_usb_current = 1
    Hdmi_group = 2
    Hdmi_mode = 1
    Hdmi_mode = 87
    Hdmi _ cvt 1024 600 60 6 0 0 0

    Put them in the main part and not at the end which is for pi0 special configs!

    Looks like your display does not report it's required settings so you need to set resolution and timing manually. With these values set it should work. But make sure to have connected power cable, usb cable for touch screen and enable power on back side of display.
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