All printers just stopped

Running the server on a Raspberry Pi 4b. 3 printers connected via a USB (non powered) hub. All seems well and smooth until I walk in the room and all 3 printers stopped. Open the server and all 3 show disconnected. What can cause this?


  • 3 printers on one unpowered usb always sounds like this:

    Remove 5V pin connection and that should not be a problem.

    Some users also have a problem with 220V power that drops when enabling lights causing printers to stop. But that means it fails when you enable light (I think especially neon lights with starter make that problem).

    If you look into /var/log/syslog at that timestamp you will see a message from linux that it disabled the ports which then causes the print to stop.
  • The 5v pins have been covered since before this happened. As for lights, I'm not using any. I checked the log, but I must have cleared it because it only has todays dates in it so I'll have to wait until it does it again I guess to take a look there. I haven't even turned on the server since this happened. Can't afford to have 3 prints fail again.

    I don't think my Chiron printer uses the 5v pin but maybe I'll try covering that one too.

    Should I try using a powered usb hub? 
  • With all 5V pins covered a active hub would normally make no difference.
    In /var/log there are also older logs. .0 is from last days and the others .1 .... are compressed.
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