Stopping at random points mid print

I have repetier server installed and controlling 6 printers.

OS is windows 10, I have a GEEETECH A10 (Ender 3 clone) that keeps stopping mid print. It worked fine for weeks, I'm not sure why it keeps stopping.

The end of the printer log when it happens is:

Send:17:37:29.611: N186856 G1 X165.443 Y101.918
Recv:17:37:29.671: ok
Send:17:37:29.671: N186857 G1 X165.872 Y101.108
Recv:17:37:29.813: ok
Send:17:37:29.813: N186858 G1 X166.794 Y101.418
Recv:17:37:29.891: ok
Send:17:37:29.891: N186859 G1 Z22.639 F1002
Recv:17:37:30.005: ok
Send:17:37:30.005: N186860 G1 E0.0000 F1800
Recv:17:37:30.045: ok
Send:17:37:30.046: N186861 G92 E0.0000
Recv:17:37:30.384:  T:210.00 /210.00 B:55.00 /55.00 @:67 B@:25
Mesg:17:37:30.527: Connection closed by os during print ... trying reconnect for 10 seconds to continue ...
Mesg:17:37:34.563: Connection continued
Send:17:37:34.573: M117 ETA 19:13:23 day 1
Recv:17:37:36.857: start
Recv:17:37:36.857: echo: External Reset

Any help would be appreciated.


  • Windows closed the com port and it came back 4 seconds later as I see from the log. So that explains why the server stopped. Did the print continue? Guess not because I see "start" and reset was triggered.

    So the real question is why did windows close the port. You should check windows events around that time to see if there are any events com related and hopefully there is a reason you can understand. On a pi I would have said power problems but not that likely on windows. You might try covering 5V pin on usb as described here:

    Just in case it is because the printer draws more than allowed and that is why windows disables it. That way printer needs to take it from own power.
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