Extruder doesn't lower after heating, but still tries to print...???

Hey guys, I just bought a 3d printer (the twoup if you want to know) and pieced it together over the weekend. I plugged it all up, leveled the bed, and then tried to print. The z axis raised the extruder to heat the extruder without burning the bed (at least that's my guess), but when it's done heating and goes to print, it doesn't go back down to the print bed. I am using 1.0.6 of the software, and the default settings with slicer. I hit slice, then print.

Any clue why it's not going back down, and how to fix it? It is going in the expected pattern after heating, just not moving down. T_T Kind of a pain to work so long with putting it together only to have it not work like this. I'm asking here as it seems to be a software issue, not hardware, as it moves just fine with the manual configuration buttons.

Thanks for any help. I'm excited to get this going. I feel it's really close.


  • If you have min endstops you normally need

    #define ENDSTOP_Z_BACK_ON_HOME 0
  • Thanks for the response. This particular printer has no endstops.

    I went through and changed some settings, and that seems to have fixed the issue. Probably cause I didn't ever change any of the settings to begin with, things were just off (like it was set to 3mm filament and the twoup uses 1.75mm, and the nozzel is .4mm instead of the default .5). 

    I guess it helps to configure things properly in the software also XD. The documentation of the twoup sucks. Horribly sucks. Especially on the software end.

    Either way, it's working now. Thanks again for the response.
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