Gcode Files in Projects

I've seen somewhere the request for better management of Gcode within the projects. For me I don't use the GCode-Manager, but manage the gcode together with the projects, as I like to have all files together at one place.

In addition to that it would be nice if Repetier-Server would read out certain information from the code like printspeed and infill, pre-calculate the ETD and show this in some information-window if clicked on or mouse-over the gcode file.


  • We do compute most of it. Some things like infill can not be determined and can also vary inside a gcode.
    For timings etc this only works in side the printer. Reason is that it depends on the printer and it's accelerations/jerk and some more. So since projects are printer independent we can store the gcode but not say anything about timings etc. Without knowing the filament diameter we can't even make a preview since 2,85 and 1,75 mm filament produce different wide extrusions.
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