Repetier Monitor 1.3 for Linux and Repetier Server 0.93.1 problem

I started a print with 115 % flow from the web interface and I had the monitor running on a PC downstairs. When I checked the monitor window, the flow was set to 95 %. This happened twice, first time I thought I just made a mistage while setting this value. I will try to update to the latest server version soon, could this be related to me using the old version of server and newest version of Monitor?


  • Are you using PrusaSlicer? They add flow change for some layer height to exactly 95%, so check the slicer start gcode if it contains M221 which is the problem I guess.
  • Yes, thanks, there was M221 S95 in the code. I did not know that.
  • Yes, it is unexpected. It was not introduced for that usage. Slicers should better change internally the E values.
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