M106 - Fan speed selection

Trying to understand why fan speed is set to such low values by Repetier in early layers and what determines fan speed throught out the print.

Can anyone point me to anything that describes how fan speed is determined?


  • Fan speed is determined by the slicer. Especially SLic3r and PrusaSlicer can have some logic like layer time and layer number to change the speed. Check filament settings. There you can also force always using 100% if that is what you want.
  • OK, so the Slicer is what controls the fan speed not Repetier.  Thank you. I sliced using CuraEngine and the sliced using Slic3r and found the results to be very different. I will now print using both making sure all other setting are as close as possible and see what the results are.  Again thank you for the clarification
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