Newbie Question - Clarification of difference between Direct Print and Upload G-Code.


Got RS set up on my Pi with a Touch Screen yesterday to manage my two printers.   AMAZING.  First impressions are just outstanding and I'll be paying my pro fees at the end of the 14 day trail period.

But could someone clarify the difference between Direct Print and Upload G-Code.  Does one of these options upload the complete file to the printer.  I'm thinking about scenarios such as a power cut where you might want to resume a print.

Thanks Chris


  • Regular upload stores the gcode until you explicitly delete is. Nice if you have a bigger project so you put all to print files inside a group and decide on filament remaining and print time what to print next.

    Direct print just queues it for printing and after the print file gets deleted. So idea for quick prints only needed once.

    There is no sd print support and with power cut that would also fail. In printer settings you can enable rescue mode. This will log what got send and what to do on startup when a print was active. Main problem is that you get a blob or burn in where extruder stays. That is e.g. why prusa i3 moves up a bit on power loss. More likely is a connection lost (at least in my country). Newer repetier-firmware have a firmware side rescue for this to move away on connection lost and would continue after reconnect. Even telling server where exactly they stopped. On fast reconnect the print will also continue automatically especially if you have that usb option enabled and it is working for your pc/printer combo. Some driver force fixed DRT/RTS level which might reset printer - that is then the case where it does not work. A quick test for this is unplug usb and reconnect within 10 seconds when doing some test print.
  • Thanks for the really comprehensive response.   

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