[1.0.1] Change filament dialog GUI buttons are empty


I have Repetier-Server Pro 1.0.1
It looks like in LCD GUI "Change filament" dialogue buttons have no icons and texts. IMG-3690s


  • Which resolution are you using? 320x480? When you go to tool configuration is one of the icons selected (extruder, syringe, laser, cnc)? The name depends on this so that might be another reason that the text is missing. On my test system I have a text. Will also check what can cause this to happen.
  • Ok, don't bother. Found already the reason. For < 640px width we remove the text since it does not fit. And when I added the icons for mill change i used wrong icon names for filament change which is why they are missing here. Will be fixed in 1.0.2.
  • Thank you!
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