Prusa Mini stuck in Octoprint mode after server update

After latest server update (1.0.1) both my Minis are stuck in serial communication displaying Octoprint logo. Basic functionality regarding Repetier is not affected, printing, uploading and monitorig is normal.

But some functions on Mini itself are now unavailable, for example filament change. To swap filament it is now necessary to disconnect the printer from the server, thus deactivating it in Repetier.

Here's a video detailing the problem:

Thank you for your attention.

-Izmet Fekali


  • As far as I see this the printer firmware decides to go into this mode when someone connects to it shortly after reset. The behaviour in this mode is defined by Prusa, so nothing we can change.

    For filament change you can preheat in server and send M600 which triggers the firmware filament change routine.
  • I understand, but this was *not* happening before your last server update.
  • I also saw the octoprint in earlier server versions with older firmware version. It is a timing issue as it seems. When I unplugged the usb and reset printer and then connected I also did not see the octoprint mode. I guess when you enable printer first and then boot the pi it will also not appear.
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