CuraEngine config changes ignored

If I select CuraEngine as my slicer, click the Configuration button, and make changes to things like the filament diameter and flow rate, when Repetier Host runs CuraEngine, it passes a cura.ini file which has the original default values. No change I make in the cura config seems to be reflected in the actual slicer run. (Fedora 33 linux, RH version 2.1.6).

I replaced CuraEngine with a shell script which edits the cura.ini file, then invokes the real CuraEngine and I finally see my changes take effect through this round about hack.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something about how things are installed or configured? What is RH using to construct this cura.ini file?

(Config changes I make in slic3r take effect just fine, no problem there).


  • You need to save these configs and then on the right side select the config you modified. Just editing a filament for example does not make it active.
  • I do have the edited filament selected when I say "slice", makes no difference.
  • Ok made some tests. Used save as and created new filament. It appeared on the right side. Sliced and got a temperature. Then back changed temperature and saved (important). Sliced again and the new gcode had the new temperature I just saved before slicing. Did same with layer height which is easy to see in layer count and worked the same.

    Then I checked the sources and every time a config is saved it is removed from the cache so it must be reread.

    So I only see 2 ways that it would fail:
    1. You did not save the changes first
    2. Changes were not written to disk so old one get reloaded.
  • Well, I say "save" and if I exit everything and start over, the saved values show up when I look at the config again. I guess there are just some things man is not meant to know :-).

    At some point in time I told it to stash settings under ~/3d/work/, is something not paying attention to the custom config directory?
  • As said internally saving a config should clear the cache entry so we do not rely on file changes detection. Of course also means you need to modify in same instance as you do slicing, but I assumed you did that.

    What config names are you using? Any special chars that could cause problems? Do not really see that it would matter but you never know.
  • edited January 2021
    The cura config changes are getting saved in the first filename below, and when it slices, it writes the second filename below and passes it to CuraEngine, and all the parameters it passes in cura.ini are the defaults, nothing I changed in the filament definition shows up.



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