temperature refresh on repetier server

Hello i have a problem of temperature refresh on repetier server with my raspberry at last update 1.0.1. i poste video https://streamable.com/jwdlrn


  • I see you are using one of the defect ende firmwares.

    It was planned that this version has a fix for that bug, but as it seems I involuntarily deleted it in between. Have restored the fix for next update 1.0.2.

    Side question - did firmware report in correct format at the beginning? As you saw in video the responses are at least at the time of video in a wrong format with repeated output. But I hear that temperatures stop working so I think the firmware may start correct and later switch to this wrong format.

    The bug is only visual by the way. Means you won't see the temperatures but printing etc will work none the less, just wrong temperatures are shown after the moment where firmware decides to report it twice. I think the plan was to send one half to printer display and the other to server but that goes wrong in firmware.
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    the printer working good.... that problem is only visual on top of repetier server temperature .On printer display the temperature is good ... maybe before update 1.0.1 of repetier server i installed the mainboard of ender to 4.2.7 and update firmware to 1.3.1. .
    there is probably a conflict between repetier server and motherboard 4.2.7 with 1.3.1 firmware

  • It is a bug in the ender firmware. When you see your log when it starts happening the firmware outputs instead of

    Which is what server currently does not understand since this is wrong. In 1.0.2 I will have back my fix that detects this error and fixes it. Bas as you said it is a cosmetic error and print is not affected.
  • Hello. I have the same problem it's only outputting thermal data while printing, when it's idle there isn't anything. Also the temperature wizard isn't working because this reason, seem that only thermal data is sent while reading code. Any ideas of when the 1.0.2 will be out. Thanks 
  • A beta for linux is already available. Final version will be next week I guess.
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