Copy firmware as firmware.bin to SD-Card - SKR1.4 Turbo Folder?

I just updated to Repetier Server 1.0.0 and want to try the firmware upload function of .bin files to the SD-Card of the 32 bit Marlin board.
How can I evaluate the right upload folder of my SKR1.4 Turbo board?

Thank you very much in advance !

Kind regards


  • Hi, I have a normal 1.4 and a 1.4 turbo, but it didn‘t work for me. I don‘t know here the file went, Repetier confirmed the upload, but checking the sd card, nothing was there.
  • Under which os did you test?
    It needs to be mounted by the os and your usb directory selected must point to the skr root folder.
  • It worked now for me.
    I chose the following (already shown) drive for uploading the firmware: USB/media/flash
    Afterwards I put in M997 into the console.
    Thank you very much !
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