Double webactions

After updating from 0.94.3 to 1.0.0 I am now getting double webactions.
I have webactions configured that run a php file on my server, but after I updated thet get run twice.
This was running fine before.


  • How do you trigger these web actions. Tried while checking server.log and in config, main menu, command line, start and end job script it just added one execution in server.log. So now I wonder where you have put it and which method does it use (GET, POST)? Or is is one message and double send?
  • They are GET webactions that run a PHP file on my local server, the PHP file downloads an image from a webcam and sends it using Pushover.
    These where always working and are also being used by my home automation without issue.
    They are triggered in the GCODE section event based.
    This had always worked fine, only run once. Exactly after upgrading the issue started and I get twice the same message. For start, finish and error at least.
  • Ok, saw that I initialized sessions twice causing the double query. Will be fixed in 1.0.2.
  • Awesome!
  • I can confirm it is working now like before.
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