@nosize not fully working in 1.0.0?

Before I updated (0.94.3) the @nosize was preventing the outside bed error en giving me good previews.
After the update (1.0.0) the previews are still good but I get a outside print area on every newly uploaded GCODE.
The purge line is causing this I am sure, but before the update the error wasn't showing after I added the @nosize in the GCODE.
This is very annoying as I get the error on every print now I newly uploaded.

Others seeing the same issue on 1.0.0?


  • The command was made to exclude parts from rendering. The fact that it reduced the move area was not correct and is now fixed, so motion area is now correctly computed (I hope). On the other side bed size handling is now also correct so actually all you need to do to get rid of that message is in printer settings->general->manual control to increase ymin to -3 if you have prusa.  Actually for bed you should do the same since that area is still above the bed to put the purge line.
  • Yes this did get rid of the message.
    Didn't realize it was a bug before, this was my first version of Repetier and my first update so thought that's how it was supposed to work.
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