Babystepping not working

Hi, after updating from 094.3 to 1.0 Babystepping is not working , also getting a lot of checksum errors.
Printer is running on Repetier firmware V2.
Any idea?


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    also EEProm is not accessible via browser , just shows an empty window.
    EEProm is accessible by Repetier Host(via Server-connection)
  • update : Babysteps moving , just moved distance not shown on LCD (shows 0.00)
  • I can confirm that. The Babysteps are moving, but the distance is not shown in the Display

  • Ok, no idea at the moment why but I can confirm it. 2 Functions I did not touch knowingly:-( Will be fixed in 1.0.1
  • Enjoy Christmas time.
  • EEPROM not working is due to a return and spaces in firmwares/repetier.xml file. Autoformat changed
    <response type="repEeprom" string="true" v1="type" v2="pos" v3="value" v4="text">EPR:\s*(\d+)\s+(\d+)\s+(\-?\d+\.*\d*)\s+(.*)$</response>
    <response type="repEeprom" string="true" v1="type" v2="pos" v3="value" v4="text">

    Which caused the regular expression to not match any more. You can revert that line and eeprom for repetier is working again. In 1.0.1 I added a trim operation to remove these extra whitespaces just in case it happens again.

    Babystepping is a tiny bug when I fixed invert z handling. With inverted z axis it works, non inverted the factor was 0 not 1 so it stayed 0.

  • The Babysteps are working.
    Thank you very much for the fast Update.  :)
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