Main process exited, code=killed, status=6/ABRT

Hi! I installed the Repetier Server 0.94.3 (i think) on a Banana Pi M1+ & Armbian Focal 20.11. There are two Artillery Sidewinder X1 printers connected via USB (emulated serial).
The setup was working fine for days, but now the RepetierServer.service got restarted with the line in the title at 15:09:42. Strange thing that journalctl -u RepetierServer shows logs after this only. RepetierServer's own logs contains older lines too. There at 15:07:35: finish job creation, 15:09:43: Start logging... This is very bothersome as the job it was running on the other printer was a 6 days long stuff, and it got half way. Now i cannot continue the otherwise intact print.
Worth noting the following procedure:
- Uploaded a gcode file into a project directory
- Started that print on the idle, but pre-heated printer
- The print did not start immediately (as usual, it takes half a minute for it to start working for some reason if i start the job like this)
- I remembered that i wanted to do a thermal calibration, so i set the extruder & bed temperatures to zero, but couldn't stop the print job as there was no sign on the web app that it had started (as usual, it just shows the running job when the printer starts really working on it, not when i issue the print command)
Maybe the fact that i killed the heating caused a crash with the print job?
Could you please tell me, where to look to identify the details of the problem, to avoid it in the future?


  • Do I understand it correctly that it now crashes on every start with that message? Or do you want to prevent it from happening and it starts normally.

    From that message it is just not possible to say what goes wrong. That is only possible if it happens while you are monitoring it in the debugger. How this is done and which information we need (full backtrace and message on exit) is described here:

    If it does not start any more, you need to debug it like this:

    sudo gdb --args /usr/local/Repetier-Server/bin/RepetierServer -c /usr/local/Repetier-Server/etc/RepetierServer.xml


    The "r" is the command in debugger to start server. Make sure to run this only if you have shut down the server service before.

    With the backtrace from the crash I can at least get an idea where it crashed and with some thinking I often see also why and can fix it.
  • Hi! Sorry for the late reply from my side, and thanks for the quick one from yours. I'm going to disappear again because of the holidays. The crash happened only once after many days of operation, and it didn't happen again since. Now i can't mess around with it as it is working on a large project, but if the problem happens again, i'll do the debugging and dump a core which i'll send to you.
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