Requests from a Manufacturing/R&D User

Hi there,

I've been running a farm of 5 x Prusa MK3S for nearly a year now for our company and have some feature requests.
  • Per machine user permissions. We share the farm between manufacturing and R&D departments, it would be good to have separate user permissions per machine, while maintaining shared libraries.
  • More control over folders. Delete or rename the "default" folder. Set permissions between folders. For example; the R&D department can add but not delete items from the "production/manufacturing" folder. But has full control over their own "R&D" folder.
  • Better webcam support. We user Yawcam to run our webcams, but it is a real pain to restart 5 instances of Yawcam when the PC is restarted. Is it possible to have this all integrated into the Repetier Windows client?
  • Scheduled print server shut down when all prints are completed. To allow Windows to update and restart the machine.
  • Print queue feature. It would be nice to queue prints and have the software ask if the machine is ready to start the next queued print. Maybe the question is asked on the Prusa machine itself? Also, a text field set how many duplicate prints to queue. For example: 3Dbenchy.gcode [x 5]. It would help better plan large batch jobs.
Overall, I'm really happy with the software. It's very reliable and fast. We've completed nearly 5000 hours of printing and produced over 26,000 parts this year using your software.

Kind regards,


  • More fine grained permissions is something we plan more in V2.

    Actually we don't have folders. Groups are just associations for a file. Not sure if we will get that fine grained. If you have to define for every group who is allowed to do what it easily gets very complex. Also I think we will add roles so it is easier to assign groups of users.

    Webcams are out of server control. We just include the url. But you can write a small batch script that starts the webcams and add it to autostart in windows, so it also starts automatically.

    Restart windows is also a bit out of regular control. We have shutdown scripts. If you do normally not run them you can activate them during print to shut down when print is finished. Will only be executed if no job is running so you need to activate the switch on the longest running print. Write your script to reboot windows and add it in extcommands.xml so you can reference it as @execute command in the shutdown script.

    You can already queue as many files as you want in server. There is no duplicate counter in queue - each file gets printed once so you need to add it 5 times if you want 5 prints. Asking every time how often to print is a pain for most users. Not sure if adding extra function is much better as it makes all menus longer. 

    And lastly thanks for showing that it is reliable with stable hardware:-)
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