Repetier Monitor install with Raspberry Pi 3

I am running the Repetier Monitor on windows 10 without problems but want to use it on a Raspberry Pi 3 with a touch screen. How do I install the program on my Pi?
I have downloaded the program to the Pi, but now what?
Also, your website seems to confuse the informer app with the monitor app.


  • Just make the app executeable with chmod a+x filename and then you can start it. On console you just set display and call it
    export DISPLAY=:0
    "./Repetier-Server Monitor-1.2.0.AppImage"

    You need 800x480 pixel minimum. Also it is not optimized for pure touch interface - some controls need text input and you need a helper tool showing keyboard maybe (virtual keyboard). But 99% works with touch only without problems.

    Where do we confuse the informer app with the monitor app?
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