Prusa Filament Sensor

I just figured out that repetier server keeps on printing although filament on a MK3S has already run out  :s

It would be great to have repetier server pause the print once the printer detects a runout of filament so a new spool can be set up. Is that possible? When printing standalone the MK3S performs this task easily.



  • I'm wondering that it does not work. Normally prusa blocks communication until problem is fixed, e.g. when I have problems with mmu. Once fixed it continues to parse the send gcode.

    In advanced configuration you can define actions on send strings from printer. Here you can also use e.g.
    @pause Out of filament
    You just need to add the message prusa sends on out of filament. Seems to be not the same marlin sends otherwise then.
  • edited December 2020
    Thanks for your answer. I will run a few tests once the current print job is finished. Maybe ... not sure though ... it was a problem with the sensor itself. The current design of the sensor on the MK3S is not the best.
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