MPG Controller

Hello again.

Could you help me by informing if there is the possibility of adding external controls for the Repetier Host to control my cnc as an MPG controller?

My need is to be able to control the positioning of the cutter and because my cnc is not small the computer is not very close.

Does the Repetier Host accept external calls for sending commands?



  • If firmware of the cnc is compatible you can use repetier-server as remote solution e.g. on a raspberry pi. Host can connect to repetier-server as remote solution or you use the web gui of server. Bur as said you need a compatible firmware that server supports on the controller. Don't know it so can't say if it has or not.
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    Hello again. I'm still trying to add an external MPG-type controller to my CNC.

    The idea now is to try to communicate via bluetooth, but I have some doubts.

    Is it possible to use the controller through both communication ports, via usb and via bluetooth at the same time?

    I will develop my MPG myself. If the Repetier accepts both forms of communication at the same time, I will have solved the problem. That way I will be able to send the MPG positioning communication commands via bluetooth and the print/cut will be sent via USB.

  • One printer can only have one communication solution in  Repetier-Server. Why is one channel not enought here? We know position from commands send - you will always see position at end of commands send. We normally do not query printer for position anyway.

    Are you familiar with 3d printer firmwares and how they differ to classic cnc controller software?
  • Thanks for the answer.

    I will not use Repetier-Server. I am using Repetier Host and via Bluetooth, through MPG I will send GCode commands to move the CNC.

    That's why my question is if I can use both communication ports at the same time. USB and Bluetooth.
  • Host works the same so same limitations.
  • Sorry if I wasn't clear in my question.

    My interest is in Repetier Firmware. On the USB port I will use the communication via Repetier Host and on the Bluetooth port I will use the MPG.

    As for Repetier Host, I have no doubts about how it works. What I need to know is if the Firmware will be able to receive commands from both ports.

  • Yes, firmware can receive commands on both ports even same time. But only one should send move times at a time or you get a mess. The other checking for status, info or other non invasive commands is ok when the other prints.
  • Perfect. Yes, only one will be responsible for sending commands at a time.

    Bluetooth will send object positioning and detection commands and USB will send cutting commands.
  • As soon as I finish the project completely, I will send a video with how the implemented tools work.

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