Park in X and Y only

I must admit I havent used the park feature yet cause I just cant get the button to work.. but that will be in another post.

The way i see it right now it just goes to the position set in XYZ, cant this be dangerous, bump prints etc?

Would be nice if we could just park X and Y without moving the height so we dont hit whatever may be on the bed.

May be offer to move Z up a given amount of mm, but not to a coordinate, that seems too risky


  • I observe that at the moment it first does an XY movement and then a Z movement. (two seperate G1 commands).

    If anything, the order should be opposite, IMHO.

    @thecrazy: Why would just move XY not hit anything that raising Z might? What is your printer layout? (If it is one where the bed is rasied/lowered to a heightwise stationary head, then increasing Z lowers the bed - Z is the distance of head-bed.)
  • Parking has some safety tests, so it only works when homed.

    Z will only go up so it can not hit anything.

    The reason xy is first is speed. If you stop printing you do not want to ooze on the print. My slow ordbot would still ooze while going up, so a fast xy move to get the extruder out of the way is better. Then we have enough time to go up. WHile printing you do this all the time with your travel moves.
  • My printer moves as fast in the Z as in the XY. Yet again, whatever feature is programmed - there is a printer that requires the opposite. #-o (This why programs quickly get burgeoned with so many little buttons/parameters). Assuming the Park is "higher" than the print I can not think af any collision risk in just doing a straight G1 to the Park position.

  • As you said, with all the printers there is always one that does not work. My ordbot for example can handle only 3mm/s on z. So doing a straight line would limit xy speed. Maybe not a big problem since it starts also going up, but it will not break the filament like a fast xy move does. But with all the variations I have already regret adding a park position. I think a proper end script would be the better solution since it is the most flexible way.
  • Please tell me the difference between PARK and HOME positions.
  • Home position is after G28. Park position is used in different situations like filamentchange or when rescue system is active and it detects usb lost or power lost (also that requires usv to reach it).
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