Cohesion3D with Smoothieware

I’m currently using RepetierServer for a single Prusa MK3S printer.  I’m getting a K40 laser cutter soon which I’ll be changing out the stock board for a Cohesion3D board running Smoothieware. How practical is this to work on RepetierServer as well? Should I expect to be able to upload or start gcode through RepetierServer?


  • Smoothieware is supported so sending gcode should be no problem. There are just no special buttons for laser handling but we even now have a laser tool icon and you can now say it has no temperatures so the temperature selections would disappear. Rendered previews will be empty since no extrusion happens on gcode I think, but no functional problem.
  • Ok, sounds good. Also, because my 3d printer and laser cutter will be in completely different locations with pour signal directly between the two (though, both reliably connected to the home WiFi), I imagine I’ll have to run a separate pi? How does this effect usage of RepetierServer? I think I saw some posts saying they would be separate instances for the time being, but a future feature to combine them?
  • If you have pro version you can use Repetier-Server Monitor to have one interface combining several instances.
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