Missing events

Hi All,
   I have repetier server set up to send out an event at the end of a print. My slicer (slic3r) inserts "118 print_done" into every gcode file it emits. In repetier server, I have an event defined with the regex for "print_done".

Outside of the server, I have a python script that orchestrates a print via the websockets api. It performs several "handshakes", where it executes commands over the ws interface, and watches for an event in python. The first event is triggered after a series of "move" commands. The python ALWAYS sees the event come through. The second event happens after a print (Again, kicked off via the ws interface) when the server sees the m118 "print_done" and sends the event. The problem is, every now and then the event does *not* come through. Either the server is not sending it, or it is lost. 

I do make sure the websocket stays open by sending a periodic ping. This seems very random. Any ideas?

The server is Repetier Server pro 0.94.1 Flora-54. It is running on a raspeberry pi 4 rrunning Rasbian Buster.

Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.



  • Are you aware that events are returned in an array and you need to parse all elements in the array? If you do not do that you might miss the second event which might then be the one you missed.
  • Oh man...of course. That was it. Thank you.
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