Login via User and Pasword in Server Adress ?


i want to show the Repetier Server in my Smart Home in IOBroker in a IFrame. Since i use a Password for login in Repetier Server i want to ask if its possible to put the User and the Password in the Server Adress ?


Thanks for Help


  • No that is not possible that way, sorry. It is the website it self that needs to send credentials in javascript due to the way this works. Need to think if there is a way to store the password data server gets some how so the javascript can find and use them.
  • Hello,

    thanks for the answer - any other workarounds to get RepServ in an IFrame on an other Client without Login? Maybe proxy or something?
  • Currently I don't see a solution. Guess I need to write the injection possibility first.
  • Ok for next release I have added the possibility. Add ?user=xyyy&password=kgsdhfgd  and it will login automatically.
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