Obtain Settings from Backup?


I had to set up my PC from scratch. Before hitting "Format C:\", I forgot to search for a way to export my Repoetier settings, but I have a backup of the old disks. Is there a way to obtain the old settings (I was able to restore my Cura settings by grabbing the old settings folder from the backup and hope to do something similart with Repetier)?


  • Slic3r is also in a folder. But host it self stores data in windows registry so no simple file to copy. On the other side the host data is not really much and easy to set up again.
  • So I can at least save the Slic3r data? That would help alot.
  • Yes, the are in homdir/AppData/Roaming/Slic3r and Slic3rPruse

    AppData is a hidden directory so enable showing them.
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