better operability

while consolidating gcodes I noticed when I was deleting a gcode-file on the second or third page the overview jumps back to the first page each time after the action, so I had to look for the page I had been again and again. Better to jump back to the page it had been before the action as long as it still exists (or just return to the page of the nearest gcode-file to the deleted one -> different programming, nearly same result) .

As well as:
having deverse printers I need the gcode-page (1st tab on printer page) only the first time when I start the print. Later, choosing the printer,  I mostly want to see the big webcam picture on the fourth tab. So jumping between the printers it would be a success to return to the tab of the last action instead of having to  choose the 4th tab a million times.

These kind of things seem to be of minor interest, but would make life lots easier.

Thank You for Your attention


  • Have you already checked Repetier-Server Monitor. Not sure about the jump back on delete but it memories the last tab used even when app was closed and reopened. Benefit of having dedicated app with local storage.
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