Addition to Gcode Blocker

It would be great if the area selection could be extended to allow irregular shapes.  If you have a packed buildplate you can only exclude rectangular areas, which limits the usefulness of the feature.  The ability to click corners of a polygon would allow the user to select a failed part without hitting another part nearby.  As it stands, you can only really use this feature if you have everything aligned in a grid.  The algorithm used by Cura now places objects much closer together and maybe it's time that the blocker kept pace with that.


  • You can use multiple blocks to get more complex shapes. But you need some space anyway since you do not know if it will grow or shrink further up.

  • There's always enough space around each part - if they get wider at the top, Cura shows a collision.
    But even with a simple diagonal side, drawing lots of rectangles is at best a blunt solution compared to creating a simple outline.  I just feel it would be a more elegant solution that adds value to the product.
  • For future I want our own slicer which then marks object names so we can remove them by object. Same will then work for other slicers marking the object the gcode comes from.
  • That sounds like a great solution!
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