Wish list


Just two feature requests for now:

1. Send command simultaneously to all printers (for example, auto-home) 

2. Be able to drag and drop gcode files to upload. At the moment you have to open up the printer you want and then click 'upload'. A dialogue box then opens where you select your file. 

Many thanks


  • 1. Will not happen from our side. To special and too many things that could go wrong or make it a bad idea. You can easily make a script that uses the api to do that if it is required for you for some reason. Only thing we are thinking about is starting same gcode on several printers simultaneously.

    2. Already works. You can drag a file on the button for upload and it will start uploading. At least on mac it works great with chrome. If it works depends on os/browser I guess. The buttons are actually the upload buttons and dragging files on them causes upload if supported.

    Using Repetier-Server Monitor you can also have a folder system to drag/save files to for automatic upload or automatic print.
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