Connection Timeouts on Raspberry Pi 4 & Prusa Mini

Original Prusa Mini (2x)
Raspberry Pi 4 model B (regularly updated with apt-get dist-upgrade)
Gearbest cooling enclosure
SanDisk Ultra 16 GB micro SD HC 1 speedclass 10
Apple iPad 12 W USB power brick
Anker USB cables

I recently switched from OctoPrint to your excellent Repetier-Server Pro (paid) and am getting frustrating halts after an hour or so of printing on both Prusa Minis connected. Here's a video:

Here are the logs of both print jobs:
Bottom Mini Log
Top Mini Log

The disconnects happen with one Prusa Mini connected also, usually well into the print, sometimes immediately, leaving nasty blobs on surface.

The relevant connection settings for both printers are as follows:
Baud Rate: 115200
RTS: Low to High
DTR: Low to High
Input Buffer Size: 127 bytes
Continue print after fast reconnect: YES
USB Reconnect on Timeout: Never
Ping-Pong Mode: NO
Communication Timeout: 3 s

I checked your FAQ's, perused this forum for similar problems, tried all sorts of settings to no avail. Tried changing USB ports, changed cables. Burned a load of PLA. I even tried another Raspberry 4 with same disk image, no help.

I have *no* overheating or undervoltage issues with the Pi, as demonstrated with this screenshot I took immediately after shooting above video:
Pi Hardware Report Screenshot

Are there any settings I can tweak? The problem (and the solution) surely lies with software and/or settings, as I never, never, never, never, never had this problem running Octoprint on the *same hardware* for a year and a half.

I also run Repetier-Server Pro on two other Raspberry 4 machines, they drive one Original Prusa MK3S each with no issues as far as I can tell. But I am only running shorter jobs (6 layers) on those two since switching to Repetier (printing mask holders for Slovenian medical staff). As far as I can tell, they could be suffering from the same problem.

Please help.

Thanks in advance, I would *hate* to switch back to OctoPrint as your 3D printing solution is clearly superior.



  • Thanks for the logs. Especially the top variant shows clearly the problem. When it started the server had send 8 lines which do not fit into buffer causing the resend and then you get an error loop and the fact of the long buffered moves server does not know about cause errors to happen again. Have some ideas to catch this error. As temporary solution activate ping pong mode. There only one command will be on it's way so the error will not happen in such way. Only timeouts from slow moves/commands or missing "ok" will cause a short pause and then continue without problems. So pauses only happen on communication errors with linux then. With our prusa mini this helped in same case.

    Hope for next release to have a solution so faster parallel sends will recover again.
  • Works! All is well now.

  • I also had a good idea I think that should also work in non ping-pong mode after next update. I'm pretty sure that would cover the reason why it fails as well. But we will test with our mini.
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