Will not load new gcodes but will load old gcodes

Our computer updated. My program also updated. Windows 10. Now when I put a Gcode in it loads and says 1s and there is a large amount of cuts and the 3d picture just shows a dot in the corner. I am able to use older files before this update but I can not make 
any kind of new parts. I have looked at everything and can not find anything other then the update I put in


  • Can you show an image of this. Use imgur or similar to upload your picture. But I really need to see what you get to make sense of it.
  • is there an email to send to?

  • Did not see any object on both videos. The 1s video only had 400 lines so not sure if it contained more than the start and end gcode. Apart from being extremely tiny there was nothing obvious. So I guess the problem was that it wasn't sliced correctly.
  • I sent the codes to sheetcam and was told they loaded fine. So I dont know if its my computer having a glitch or the program. I reloaded it and everything and nothing. It updated in August for first time in 2 years and it hasnt been the same. The program updated 
  • Is there another program I can try for cutting
  • When you say cutting does that mean it is not for FDM printing? What does the code look like then as I guess it is also not created with the slicers bundled? Not all use same gcode format.
  • plasma cutter and we make gcode with sheet cam
  • Ok... so we went ahead and tried to use plasma cutter to cut part just to see what it would do. The part needed is suppose to be 7" diam circle. It cut in 1/16 the size probly  
  • Host just sends the gcode. So guess sheet cam then reduced size. If factor is 25.4 then it is conversion between inch and mm. Normally objects are defined in mm but many can scale on slice/import.
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