Server Monitor Backup Restore Button Not Working

edited November 2020 in Repetier-Server
I've gotten a backup from another machine loaded and I'm connected to the server on the new machine but the restore button does nothing when click it. Any idea why?


  • Not really. It should read the folders in storage directory and then show step 1. When you open the storage folder does it contain zip files you backed up?
  • Yes it does. 5 zip files and a readme. I did do the backup on windows and am trying to restore the backup on a new linux install. Could the operating system change be causing a problem?
  • OS change should be no problem. Do you have configured already servers in the monitor? Looking into the sources that might be an edge case where the call causes an error stopping the view. Will fix that also it is not possible to restore to a server that is not in the list already.

    As a temporary solution for manual recover - in the server storage directory is a folder restore. Copy the zip files to that and restart server and they get restored. That is more or less how it works just normally the monitor will do the copy and restart.
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