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Good day,
I newly installed the server. I have two cameras connected (as part of a 14-day test before purchase), when I connect with an Ethernet cable, everything is OK, when I connect via wifi to repetierhost, at a distance of about a meter, so stream action = stream responds almost online when I log in via the page!/printer/Rebel/camera so the image is displayed with a delay of 10 - 15 seconds it seems that the delay is constantly increasing. The server is on raspberry 3, the camera is in usb and raspberry directly, it behaves the same on both. What am I doing wrong? This is almost useless :-(

Octoprint did not delay, but again slowed down printing, in that the repeater is great, fast, but I can't sit at the printer while printing, I can't connect with a cable either. I thought I would connect to a home wifi network like I had an octoprint, but there it behaves the same as when I go directly to the server ...


  • That is a band width problem. When your MJPG stream has more data then you can transfer with wifi you get a delay. Pi wifi is not the fastest around. So you have 2 possible solutions:
    1. Use ethernet cable. That gives much more bandwidth
    2. Reduce camera resolution or framerate or both so it does not create so much data.

    Especially if you use full hd you have a big amount of data to transfer. MJPG is not as efficient as netflix video streams.
  • I don't think it would be WIFi, if that were the case, then the live stream would also be delayed. The delay is only through the repetier website ... In my opinion, the Repetier server is editing something and the delay is being obtained there ...
  • We don't edit it but we proxy the stream. We read port 9000 in this case and forward it over port 3344 and if you are using port 80 nginx does again proxy it. This proxy operation takes no real time but of course puts data through the system. We even drop frames if we are delayed but some delays are possible.

    Try reducing resolution or framerate and see how it behaves. Then try ethernet cable and see again also with higher resolution. And see if it differs.
  • I'll try to try tomorrow, but I feel like I've already tried ... couldn't I add to the settings the option not to drag through the proxy, but that the stream would go to the window directly? For us who only operate in our network, it would be amazing ... My trial licenses will expire soon and I'm not sure if I want to buy if my cameras don't work, I like the system, but ... :-(
  • As you already realised we are doing this to allow access from everywhere. And normally no problem since for webcams we use internal loopback network so it does not bind wlan bandwidth.

    What resolution/framerate are you using?
    You can use to see the required bandwidth. Full HD 30FPS requires 94.9mbit/s which is more then you can handle with 2.4GHz bands that are used for access point mode which is what you get with ip you showed. So it is possible to exceed wlan bandwidth easily with one stream. I think the direct streeam might drop frames so it does not accumulate the delay.
  • He didn't realize, but before I wrote the question, I searched and it's written on the forum many times ... but nowhere is a solution :-(

    The fact that the direct current will lose images will probably be logical and what the calculator shows you gave the link is clear and understandable and I already understand where the problem is. Now I have to work but I'll try it in about 8 hours, it's just sad how I have to reduce the resolution and number of images to work ... I have WIFI 5G at home but it can't raspberry, so maybe some other router as a receiver could work. Anyway, this is a good way to look .... Furthermore, thanks to your last answer, I am determined to buy even if it does not work as I dreamed - you understand that and in case of problems you will advise / help and this is the most valuable today!

    I will definitely inform you here how I proceeded with my experiments ...
  • Too bad you only have the pi 3. From pi 3+ on you also have 5Ghz. But when 2.4 and 5GHz network have same name it is not clear which one it would choose. Depends on signal strength I guess. Just in case you upgrade the pi.

    Also just reduce frequency to 5Hz and you should have no problems and timelapse will still be full hd. That is still enough to see if printer makes problems.
  • excellent as you wrote 5 slides is OK. I'm sorry, the mistake is really the throughput of the wifi network. I will be considering buying a better raspberry, I am still working via a repeater, due to weak wifi, you do not know how the new raspberry 4B is with the signal? It would be especially interesting for those 5ghz, but even with the 2.4 you can live ... Networks are called differently so that I know what I'm ever connected to, there won't be a problem .... :-)
  • 5GHz looses signal strength faster than 2.4GHz that is simple physics. Pure wifi repeater also normally half speed. So hard to say if 5GHz gets faster. If repeater also has 5GHz and signal is good there is a good chance that it is faster.
  • I'll start by trying to add a wifi dongle TP-LINK Archer T2U Plus, I found on the net that someone put it into operation on raspberry, so I believe that I will succeed .... :-) with maybe 5db of antennas reaches ....
  • Good luck. Don't forget that we only configure wlan0 and that will be most likely wlan1. You can change the controlled wifi in /usr/local/Repetier-Setup/etc/server.conf 
  • Done :-)
    The post in "Sat Apr 06, 2019 5:33 pm" helped me a lot then it was easy (also thanks to the information about what to edit from you). Tomorrow I will try to take it to the printer and I wonder if there will be a 5GHz signal and if the video will work well. I give here for others to help them if necessary ...

    I'll just ask when the Repetier server is upgraded, will it all play and I'll have to do it again, or is only the server upgraded and it doesn't touch this setting?
  • Upgrading does not change your configuration. Sometimes we update the manage scripts when we see they are old and miss new functions but not the config you modified.
  • thank you :-)
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