Repetier Host hangs when starting a print

I have a Twoup 3d printer ( not much , but this is the budget I had 3 years ago) , it has a ramp 1.4 board and is connected via USB to my PC.
using repetier host I can control my printer ( home/ move, temperature/ bed temp  / fan) , however after I slice and print . it randomly hangs , meaning  the extruder stays in it's current position and doesn't not move to x0 , y0, z5 .  ( it is homed)
This behavior is happening randomly, or at least I wasn't able to pinpoint the problem,    I have to disconnect, shut down everything, restart repetier host,  and try several times for it to work again.

before I start the print I make sure that my bed temperature and extruder temperature are whatever I used in the slicer.
After I kill the print , am still also unable to control any of the motors.

Also when I enable the info in the log , I can see that the pritner is periodically sending temp stats .

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this,



  • Do you also see that host is sending commands? Does printer respond with "ok" to commands (ack filter disabled).

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