Layer Shift Problem


I use Repetier-Server 0.94.3 on my SW-X1 and Anycubic Chiron.
When I print I have some layer shift in random layer.
I check belt , motor , electronic system ...etc and I can't find how it occur.

I only have this problem when i use Repetier-Server - I have used Octoprint, I do not have a problem here.

Is there any idea or what information I can provide to improve this problem?

I have the fully paid version of Repetier-Server 0.94.3 :/


  • Such things should not be possible when firmware is set up correctly. Firmware has tests for speed limits and controls the moves such that it does not loose any steps. If you send gcode with fast moves that can cause missed steps but then your limits are defined too high. When your firmware always checks end stops it is a classical problem that cross talk can trigger end stop and block a move so you get shifts. The other classical reason during prints are collisions with plastic especially if the filament likes to warp up. 

    You can check in console if you get communication errors but even if so firmware should prevent loosing steps. This could at max cause short pauses until fixed and new version is send.
  • Thanks for reply

    Do you have a suggestion for where I should find what you are talking about?


    Marlin 3D Printer Firmware

    Uploaded on my Anycubic Chiron is Marlin-1.1.9_Anycubic_Chiron-master whet TMC2208

    Uploaded on my Artillery Sidewinder X1Marlin 2.0 Waggster Mod - BLTouch v1.5

    Is it in this file Configuration.h and what should I look for?


    I still have problem when i use Repetier-Server


    Regards Torben

  • Yes it is in configuration.h and might also be visible in eeprom settings as well.
    The values that need to be limited are jerk, acceleration, max feedrate. With increasing speed motors loose power so that problems get more likely. Jerk is a sudden direction change which puts big forces on motor. Normally 10-20 is no problem with good motors for xy. 0.5 for z. Acceleration 1000 (50-100 for z) is normally also no problem. Most printers can go 100-200mm/s(z 5-10mm/s) without loosing steps. Just to give you some typical limits. It also depends on the current you give to the motors whcih are adjustable with TMC2208.
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