Glitch for popup

i recognized a small but annoying issue with the action dialog which appears when clicking the button on the top-right corner of a gcode. the menu appears at a top position of the screen regardless where the actual gcode was selected. instead it should display where the button or mouse pointer is. At the moment it often happens that i click the button but i do not see the menu. then i have to remember, that the menu is there but at the top. so i have to scroll all the way up. I tested this behaviour with Repetier 0.94.1 on a tablet with Android and Fennec Browser. In Repetier 0.94.3 on a Desktop Firefox it seems to be fine when using a mouse.


  • On iOS ipad it is also working correctly and on chrome as well even in mobile simulation mode. Can you upgrade 0.94.1 to latest version in case it is already fixed.

    Don't have a android tablet only an android mobile with chrome for testing and there it works. But google playstore finds no browser named fennec only fennec messanger.
  • hm okay might be just a problem with that browser possibly. I will see if the update brings any news.
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